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Bad Boys Blue: Discography

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Bad Boys Blue

Some facts about the Bad Boys Blue

  • Bad Boys Blue is a German euro disco band formed in Cologne. During its more than thirty-year career the band released 35 hit singles, which hit many world charts, including the United States ones.
  • Initially the band should have been named as Bad Guys, but after they switched to BAD BOYS BLUE. Blue stands for the blue color of the musicians’ stage costumes.
  • The debut single L.O.V.E. In My Car was released in September 1984. The album was a success, but did not get into the charts.
  • The real fame the band won in spring 1985, when the next single «You're A Woman» created a furor in many European countries, immediately having entered the TOP 10 best songs charts. In Germany single took 8th place and within almost four months didn’t leave the German Top 20. The same year Bad Boys Blue released their first album «Hot Girls - Bad Boys».
  • In 1987, during recording of a new single «Come Back And Stay» producers decided to make John McInerney the lead singer. Since then John’s very special voice and vocal is considered to be a trademark of BAD BOYS BLUE.
  • Band’s discography includes 15 studio albums, 29 compilations, 6 re-worked albums and 35 singles. Last anniversary album under the name «25» (The 25th Anniversary Album) was released in 2010.
  • In addition to the studio albums, Bad Boys Blue has released 4 video albums, which include video clips for all the most famous band’s songs.
  • John McInerney is the only member of the original line-up of «Bad Boys Blue».

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